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Forensic Review Turns Up Future Metals For Regener8

Regener8 Resources has held a Sherlock Holmes-style magnifying glass to historical data to uncover a novel paleochannel model containing high-grade nickel and cobalt, in association with pyritic carbonaceous black siltstones and sandstones at its Hatlifter prospect in Western Australia’s Goldfields region.

The occurrences have been found within a recent tenement application adjacent to the company’s Seven Sisters tenements at its East Ponton Future Metals project, 200km east of Kalgoorlie.

In air-core (AC) drillholes sunk by Dominion Mining in 2008, where that company was looking primarily for gold, Regener8 has found that one hole gave up an assay of 1.26 per cent nickel and 0.61 per cent cobalt. An adjacent hole showed anomalous nickel, cobalt, chromium and copper in a 1m bottom hole sample.


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